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We would like to start off by saying if you are a couple getting ready to make the next step in your relationship by getting married we would without doubt recommend you enlist the services of Miriam Fitzgerald to guarantee your wedding day is made into one of the most intimate, personal and loving days you will ever have together. We entrusted Miriam with one of the biggest days in our lives and to say it was the best decision we made is an understatement. From the moment we met Miriam she made us feel at ease explaining that not to worry about anything about our service she would make sure it would be perfect for us and it really was. Miriam not only listened to us both but observed how we reacted to oneanother and implemented this all into our service which really gave that personal touch something not only we noticed but all our guests commented on after the wedding saying how every part of the service was beautifully done and how they had never been to a wedding like it were it was all so intimate and personal. In the run up to our wedding we hadsome really bad news when a family member passed away and we didn't know if the wedding would even go ahead but again Miriam was fantastic telling us not to worry whatever we wanted to do she would be there and if we needed anything to contact her at anytime even just for a chat which we found to be a real comfort. We did go ahead with our wedding and Miriam was brilliant. Miriam managed everything and even changed the service only hours before the wedding to include the family member we had lost so

suddenly in such a lovely way. We can't even begin to try and say how much we appreciate everything Miriam did for us as any words we could say wouldn't even come close. All we can say is we will cherish that you will forever be a part of our lives as it was you who made us husband & wife. Thanks for everything

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