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Legal Wedding

Weddings are stories of love and belonging shared in a meaningful and intimate way. Couples are Responsible for attaining their Marraige Registration Form (MRF) from the HSE to ensure they can have a legal Wedding on their chosen date


Vow Renewal

Vow Renewals are a story of celebration. A celebration of the love, growth and experience attained over the years of marraige and a special recommitent to continue to celebrate that love in a way that is appropriate to it continuing unfoldment


Wedding Blessing

Celebrate your Unique love story in a way that is meaningful to you without the legal paperwork. These Ceremonies are NOT LEGALLY BINDING but still hallmark your love story in a way that is appropriate to you


Baby's Grasp

Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremonies recognise the uniqueness of your child and celebrate their inherent beauty, whilst also supporting parents and loved ones in their commitment to the child as they grow into a loving family and a larger community


Memorial Candle


We celebrate the life of your loved one in a unique and memorable way by sensitively and respectfully sharing stories of their life with love and dignity and respect

Enjoying Sunset

Scattering of Ashes

Celebrate at a special location to your loved one, at a site of special memory, in an act of intimacy and integrity 

Flowers Candles Funeral

Internment of Ashes

An opportunity to honour and pay tribute to your loved one with dignity and respect and commit their mortal remains  in a meaningful way


Pet Urn

Other Stories 

We offer a range of additional services to share stories of love, from pet memorials, home warming ceremonies and many more

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