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We would like to say a huge and heartfelt ‘ThankYou’ to Miriam Fitzgerald who officiated at our Wedding Ceremony. Miriam did an amazing job and helped us in every way possible in a very professional yet caring way. Miriam met with us and we immediately felt confident that we had the perfect person for our Special Day. She was very thorough in explaining every step of the Ceremony and gave lots of suggestions and ideas. We both cried as she listened to our story and cried again when she sent on the first draft of our ceremony as it was so beautifully put together. Miriam is a lovely lady, very confident and strong and exactly what we needed and hoped for! We highly recommend Miriam Fitzgerald to all wedding couples planning their special day as she will make it a truly memorable experience. With much love and thanks, Ina and Marcus, Co.Kerry. Miriam made our joyous day absolutely perfect! She was our rock throughout the planning &on the day. She is so intuitive, caring & genuine. I can’t have imagined the positive influenceshe would become in our lives. We both feel so blessed to have found her

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