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The main word I would use to describe Miriam is exceptional! I and my now husband, wanted something a little different to celebrate our marriage and that's exactly what Miriam did. We contacted Miriam when we were considering our ceremony and she was happy to speak with us anytime. She gave us a rundown of the layout of the ceremony and also contacted us a few months before the wedding to meet with us and get to know us as a couple. This really came across to our guests on the day as the ceremony is very much about you as a couple. We had many compliments after the ceremony as a lot of our guestshad never attended this type of ceremony. Miriam arrived early on the day to talk to our guests that were involved in the ceremony, which greatly put them at ease as to what their roles involved. It added to the flow of the ceremony. Miriam also came out to meet me before the ceremony and gave me a big hug and warmest greeting which really helped dissipate any nerves I had. Thank you, Miriam, for your professionalism but also your kindness....not everyone has such natural beautiful traits X

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