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Neither of us are religious, but when researching our wedding we both agreed that we

wanted something other than just a ‘cold’ civil ceremony, which is what brought us to

Miriam. We arranged to meet Miriam a number of weeks prior to our ceremony and

immediately we knew we had made the right decision. Miriam immediately put us both at

ease with her highly professional yet friendly manner. We had a nice informal conversation,

but Miriam was taking notes and asking questions throughout in order to get a feel for what

kind of people we are, the dynamics of our relationship and how the three of us could

collaborate to customise and tailor the ceremony to suit what we had in mind. This was

done via email whereby Miriam would send us the ceremony, word-for-word and step-by-

step, and we would give feedback and then all agree on what needed to change. She

walked us through all of the elements – legal things that HAD to be included, the history

behind the particular ceremony we had chosen (Celtic hand-tying) and how everything

would work on the day. She also gave us good advice on how we could give the people

important to us a meaningful role in the ceremony. When the day arrived, Miriam had a

calming effect on everyone there – she knew exactly what was going on and was able to

remind everyone of their role. She spoke excellently on the day, projecting her voice with

perfect pronunciation and diction that lent gravitas to the ceremony but still managed to

keep everything light-hearted and fun. Afterwards, several of our guests mentioned how

great she was and how well she had spoken. We can honestly say that Miriam was an

integral part of our big day and not simply there to perform the ‘workmanlike’ job of marrying

us. We were both delighted to write and submit this review to payback the professionalism

and kindness she showed us throughout the entire process and to wish her every success

in the future.

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