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My husband and I had the great pleasure of having Miriam as our officiant for our special day. She kept in constant contact with us which was fantastic as we were doing all the planning from overseas (we are in the US and got married in Ireland). Miriam made what could have been a very stressful planning process so much easier! We had to jump througha lot of hoops in order to get legally married in Ireland, but Miriam was ready to change our wedding to a commitment ceremony if need be. We went over both versions in detail in order to make sure that everything was all set for whichever ceremony we ended up doing. Thankfully, we were able to get legally married in Ireland! When it came to the big day, my nerves got the best of me right before the ceremony started. Miriam gave me the best pep talk and soothed my VERY frayed nerves. She got me laughing instead of crying nervously in no time and ready to start the official beginning of my married life with my new husband. Icouldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding! What Miriam wrote up for our ceremony was beautiful and so perfect for us. We can't thank her enough for make our day so wonderful! We highly recommend Miriam for your ceremony needs!!!!

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