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Miriam Now that our wedding is over, we have had a few days to relax and unwind. To get

back to feeling “normal” after all the excitement. We are sitting in a cosy hotel room,

enjoying a few days together. Just us. The memories of our special day are still fresh, as we

remember the amazing weekend we just spent with family and friends. People we haven’t

seen for years who we just loved meeting again. Mums and Dads who were nervously

excited at the thought of all the family coming friends, colleagues... a great

mix of nerves and excitement has washed over us for the past few weeks. Its easy to get

lost in the fuss, the stress, the expectations, the expense..! But tonight, as we sit together

as husband and wife, there is one thing which we both come back to. The thing that has

made a permanent mark. One thing more any other which lifted the whole experience of

getting married to a different wasn’t the rubbish weather, not the amazing hotel, not

the photographer, nor the band, nor the dresses and was the marriage ceremony.

You rolled all of our love for each other into a perfect wedding ceremony, describing us both

better than we thought possible and leaving our family and friends in no doubt as to why we

were all there that day. It was because of our love, our special story that was never told

before, and will probably never be told again, at least not by anyone but us. We had a

wedding day to remember. Family and friends, some of whom were skeptical of what the

ceremony would entail, were proud, surprised, maybe somewhat apologetic in cases..”the

nicest wedding ceremony they had been to”...”thats how it should be”...”how did she know

all that?” You get the idea! The day was made by the ceremony you put together. Its how it

should be really...Its the reason we were there. Everyone was there to help join us together

and commit our lives to each other. To help us on our journey. To celebrate. They were part

of our marriage now. You made sure we, and they recognised that. It made our marriage

day. It will stay with us as we go forward into our new life together. Lots of love

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